MHU – is the international group of companies, which consist of several trading companies with a well-developed distribution networks in different countries of the world.MHU- is reliable business partner, with profitable offers and unique sales concepts, which are adapted to all types of retail business.

Because of the wide range of products, which consist of car cosmetics, car chemistry and car accessories. We became a leading business partner for many retail networks, traditional and DIY stores. Our multi-branding and offers in every price segments, enable us to fulfill the need and requirements of each customer.


We supply almost all gas station networks in Europe with our products.


The group of companies, which are the part of Hunersdorff concern, supply 30 countries of Europe and Asia, providing the service to the end-customers on the territory, that extends from France to Kamchatka, from Scandinavia to Kazakhstan. Our developed distribution network (at least one storehouse within the radius of 500 KM), we are able to successfully cover the demands of any retail network, regardless of their format, specialization or size.