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MHU is a company, which consists of several trade unions and strong distribution networks in different countries. We are a reliable partner with attractive trade offers and unique sale conceptions, fitting to each retail trade.


Due to our wide range of assortment, including car cosmetics, auto chemistry and car accessories, we managed to become a significant partner for many trade networks, DIY and traditional shops. Our multi-branding and offers in any price category allow to cover the demand of each client.


We supply our products to almost every network of petrol stations.


Companies, which are part of the concern Hünersdorff, supply 30 countries of Europe and Asia, satisfying the needs of the final consumers in a territory that spreads from France to Kamchatka, from Scandinavia to Kazakhstan. Due to the developed distribution system (in radius of 500 km., there is always at least one distribution centre), we are capable to satisfy the needs of any freight outlet effectively and without disruptions, despite its format and specialization.